I have lived in the West Country near Yeovil for the past 23 years where I operate as a landscaper and gardener – designing and constructing gardens for my clients. Previously, I was a farmer owning and operating two mixed arable and livestock farms which gave me good land based skills. I have a broad knowledge of agriculture including growing arable crops, livestock, sheep and pigs and all types of machinery.

I have always being interested in growing shrubs and trees, including flowers and veg. In my landscaping works I travel as far away as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The landscaping services I provide are as follows.

A full design service is available to the client. A design is paramount to the success of a good garden. All work is carried out to the highest standard including best practice and safety for all on site works. The clients are first consulted as to their individual hopes and requirements for their gardens. I advise the best way forward to implement the works. A fee is normally charged for the design work.

All materials and plants are sourced by me, so the client ends up with a complete package to have their garden landscaped, designed and constructed. Plants and materials are sourced from specialist suppliers who only supply quality items. All machinery and equipment is provided by me. Disposal of the old garden is undertaken fully by my company.

The building and construction of the new garden is undertaken in a time and motion exercise to ensure the project is undertaken as quickly as possible, subject to the weather, therefore causing the least disruption to the client and their property.

Landscaping and construction of gardens is an all year round service.

In the service area of the site is a list of works and photos of gardens undertaken by ANDREW TABOR LANDSCAPING for my clients.