Full Garden Design

Full Garden Design is essential when building gardens with a purpose. A design should flow from the house out into the garden making the garden complementary to the house and thereby improving the overall image and value of the house.

Along with designing the actual garden, the rest of the outdoor services need to be planned to make the whole thing work. This is much more cost effective than doing things ad hoc in stages at a later date.

The main issues involved are electrics to out buildings, water features, and lights. These need to be laid in place as the garden is constructed.

Also water for the garden, or for irrigation, which is essential, during a dry summer. This can be from mains, or storage tanks, sited near garden buildings for rain water, and included in the design. The garden design need not only be for paths, drives, lawns and planting etc. as good design also includes basic services to the garden, for ease of management.

Water logged, or wet ground does not help in growing a garden and therefore drainage is essential. I find that, 100mm perforated plastic pipes or roll, laid in trenches with chippings will help solve any water logging problems, and provide drainage. The surplus water can be diverted to a pond if the garden is large enough or it could also be recycled to storage tanks when rainfall is heavy.

However, all these ideas can be ring fenced, depending upon the capital cost to be spent.

My Landscaping

My Landscaping page is to briefly explain the progress in a garden from start to finish. The garden described below is one of many I have constructed.

This garden in Yeovil had a large uninteresting lawn which the owner wanted to build a large uninteresting wooden deck on!

I did a design to show how it could be made more interesting and appealing and priced it. He was impressed and agreed.

The first two photos show the start of the preparations – to dig out the old cherry tree stump and changed the ground levels, as the site was uneven.

Next followed laying the 100mm drainage pipe around to the far side of the house as there was flooding from a neighbour’s patio. Scalping hardcore base was laid and compacted. The two oak sleepers were used to raise the front of the deck area from the sandstone paving area.

Next two photos show the sandstone paving covering the existing concrete path and the deck being constructed. All 100 x 50mm joists are at 50cm intervals with dwangs in between.

The plain finished yellow balau hardwood planks were laid covering the 4.8m x 3.6m wide deck. Lavender was planted to hedge the deck edge from the lawn.

Last photo is of the completed garden. It has a planted border at the back of the deck and a small feature border at the front. The New Zealand Olearia (daisy bush) is planted in the coloured cobble area.


Individual Garden Design

Full INDIVIDUAL GARDEN DESIGN SERVICE is provided for my clients. I have constructed gardens in the West Country including Somerset. Dorset and Devon, and also in Oxfordshire and the Home Counties of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, where I have constructed and built gardens of INDIVIDUAL DESIGN for my clients.

Full Individual Garden Design page is to show you a quick overview of some recently completed projects with a before and after photo. Often as you can see there is a mess to clear before the basic preparation starts. Most times machinery like a mini digger needs to be brought in to help. Sometimes the access is restricted which doesn’t help in completing the removal and bringing in of materials.

The landscaped gardens I have constructed in these projects are included with two photos of each project.

Starting from left to right.

Part of a rear garden that had been a rockery with a pond which didn’t work. This was redesigned by making a statement entrance with the arch, path leading to a sandstone circle and deck. The pond was repositioned by the path and circle with a new border opposite. Hornbeams were planted to eventually hide the neighbour’s fences.

A bungalow in rural Somerset with a lot of builders’ waste materials behind to clear before starting the patio. Autumn brown sandstone paving was laid with gravel drainage areas and a feather edge fence to enclose the patio.

The old veg garden at the rear of a Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire garden before clearing and setting out a leisure area by the pond that I built in 2004. The new design included trellis to hide the work area, with a circular lawn edged with small cobbles laid on a path gravel base and a path to the lawn which was constructed in 2009.

Last two photos are of a patio in Yeovil, Somerset that had a new wall built, after an underground electric grid cable had been replaced. A 100mm plastic drain was laid along the existing concrete path to take the water away. Sandstone – called Flame – was laid on a mortar base and pointed with a resin compound. The garden shed had to be moved several times when building this patio!

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